Against The Grain (working title) will be a lifestyle manifesto to save the NHS.

Year on year we witness pressures mounting and mounting on an already overstretched and failing health service. If we continue to imagine that the NHS can be saved by more cash at the sharp end, we will forever be barking blindly up the wrong tree. Costs of chronic lifestyle related diseases and the drugs we use to try and combat them are spiraling. Hospital admissions and the interventions required can not keep up with demand and winter pressures are becoming all-year-round pressures.

It has now been recognised that Type II diabetes, one of the conditions that is contributing  to the pressures on health services, can be prevented and can even be reversed through dietary and lifestyle measures. Hypertension, metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, arthritis, gout, perhaps Alzheimer’s and some cancers and many more, all come under the same umbrella. Neither expensive drugs nor cheap sticky plasters are working. It is time to realise that the NHS is also sick and it needs the same dietary and lifestyle measures that we all need, in order to live longer and to thrive.

Against the Grain is a lifestyle manifesto for a thriving future National Health Service which rejects the guidelines of the last forty years, the food industry power and pharmacology industry interests. For the NHS to survive, individuals must be given better advice and choices and must take control of their own healthy futures.

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