Coming soon: The What If Health Podcast

There are so many aspects involved in finding our good health and wellbeing and we can’t get them all right all of the time. One thing that we can say is that we’ve got a few things so very wrong. Chronic lifestyle related conditions are having a huge negative impact on ourselves, our communities, our hospitals and finances and on our ability to cope in this 21st century when we could and should be doing so much better.

Health advice and guidelines have not been working. On a background of bombardment by food companies, so many of us are left overweight or struggling with conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, inflammatory disorders and mental health conditions, leading to the need for medications, operations and to our hospitals bursting at the seams much like our waistlines.

I’m Suzie Edge, I’m a frustrated UK doctor keen on learning more about the future of our health as individuals and as communities, because lifestyle medicine could be the answer to saving us and the health service. In this weekly podcast I will speak to exciting and interesting guests from backgrounds in health, fitness, nutrition and more, asking them about their experiences and their thoughts on what we can do about the crisis we face in our health.

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