Episode 1 – Sarah Cosway

Episode 1: Sarah Cosway

My first guest on The What If Health Podcast is Sarah Cosway, also known on Instagram as @ketofasterUK. She also has a Facebook page at My_Keto_Fasting_Journey. Sarah has been a huge support and I really appreciate it.

Sarah is a cognitive behavioural therapist working for an IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) primary care service in Canterbury, Kent, which provides NHS funded support for people with anxiety and depression. She previously studied for a PhD in organic chemistry and has worked as a European Patent Attorney. She is married and has two young boys. It is the personal experiences that underlie my reasons for recording these podcasts, with so many of us struggling with conditions that could be helped by thinking about our diets and nutrition. Sarah is no exception. For years she struggled to get on top of conditions that affected her work, health  and happiness. Now, she reads and shares widely and concentrates on low carb diet with intermittent fasting to feel her best.

Sarah and I discussed many resources that she has read over the years, from before the easy access of the internet to current blogs and podcasts.

Mentioned in my chat with Sarah are

The Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution
Michael Moseley’s The Fast Diet by Michael Moseley
Wheat Belly by William Davis
Fat Chance, The Hidden truth about Sugar, Obesity and Disease by Robert Lustig
The Magic Pill Documentary

Sarah’s recommended resources are Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s book The Four Pillar Plan

and The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris

as well as Russ Harris on YouTube.

One thing we didn’t discuss was how Sarah is enrolled in the PREDICT study by Tim Spector and his colleagues at Kings College. Sarah plans to come back to us later to discuss the study, what they did and the science behind it.

Thank you again to Sarah for being my first guest and for trusting me with her interview. Enjoy.


The Music featured in the What If Health Podcast is The Ones I’ve Never Known by Derek Clegg from the Free Music Archive.



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