Episode 3 – Our health environment with Lou Walker

In episode 3, I talked with Lou Walker. She’s a workplace health and wellbeing consultant who has come to understand the impact of our environment on our health. As part of her Masters degree studying Obesity and Weight management, Lou researched workplace ideas about office cake culture. Her results are fascinating and thought provoking. She has talked at TEDx about her research (video below).



Lou is also an ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration, a charity dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health.

We talked about Public Health England’s eat well plate and the group who put it together…

As a recommended resource Lou sent us to the Public Health Collaboration website where you can read and download sheets for personal use, but also healthcare professionals can use them to share with patients.

Thank you to Lou, she’s a pleasure to talk to, with so much energy and enthusiasm. She gives us hope for the future! Lou is organizing a conference to be held in Basingstoke next year. I will publish more details about this as they become available.

Lou has a website at LouWalker.com and can be found on Twitter @ReThinkCake.


  1. As a fellow PHC ambassador and being involved with a local low carb group I can only echo everything here. Each month at our meetings I see people reversing metabolic conditions, one of our group members who I have been mentoring for six months just coming off statins after 24 years with excellent blood markers and confidence for the future after turning up scared to death his next heart attack would be his last. Watching my own wife have a heart attack and being resuscitated three years ago was enough to prove to me that the conventional approach is just not working. The truth about modern chronic diseases cannot be downplayed any longer.

    • Hi Chris – I missed your comment! Sorry – it’s up now. Thanks for taking the time to reply and comment. What an incredible thing you’ve been through…but it sounds like you are on the right track now. Thanks for being a PHC ambassador and getting the message out there. Suzie

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