Episode 6 (Part One) Daisy Brackenhall discusses Keto and community

I was really excited to chat to Daisy Brackenhall on What If Health. She invited me to talk on her podcast last year. A lot has changed for us both in that time but not the love of the keto diet, for so many reasons.
Daisy Brackenhall is a Brit who lives in south west France and is an ardent keto advocate. Keto has brought many changes to her life (including dramatically improving her depression and migraines) and she is passionate about sharing the sense of empowerment that comes from getting to grips with your health and wellbeing so that more women can benefit. Daisy is a podcaster, runs a fantastic all-women Facebook group called Kickarse Keto Bitches, and is an admin on the Ketogenic Forums. Her podcast is called Keto Woman and you can catch up on all the episodes at KetoWomanPodcast.com
You can find Daisy at these places…
Facebook – @KetoWomanPodcast
Instagram -@ketowomanpodcast
Twitter – @Daisy_KetoWoman
We also talked about Diet Doctor – www.dietdoctor.com
Thank you Daisy. I look forward to catching up, if we can, at the PHCUK Conference later in the year.
The Music featured in the What If Health Podcast is The Ones I’ve Never Known by Derek Clegg from the Free Music Archive.

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