The trouble with consensus…

A group of eminent Professors got together for a conference. Their aim was simple, to reach a consensus over some much-needed guidelines in their field of health. Each had their own extensive expertise and ideas to bring to the table.

Despite the morning coffee with traybakes and a substantial lunch of paninis, potato chips and muffins with a choice of cola or healthy fruit juice, all provided by their sponsors, by mid-afternoon the group were starting to be interrupted by the noisy rumblings of their hungry tummies.

The chair of the group had a bright idea. “I saw a pizza place across the street, we should order pizza” she exclaimed.” On this, everybody agreed.

The secretary opened a notepad and started to take down the orders. “Let’s start with simple cheese and tomato” he said, “and you can all add your favourite toppings from there. Who wants what?”

“Well I don’t like pineapple” one Professor said.

“I don’t like mushrooms” said another.

“I don’t like pepperoni or ham” mentioned a third.

“I don’t like sweetcorn or peppers or spinach” said the Chairperson.

Who ever put spinach on a pizza anyway? Some eyebrows were raised, but everyone nodded in agreement on that one. Eventually the meeting reached a consensus on the pizza toppings that would please the whole group and the secretary phoned down with the order. Plain cheese and tomato pizza it would be for all.


Wait, that was vegan cheese we ordered, right?




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