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Name change and all new content

Hello there…time for an update. It has been a wee while since the podcast has run new content but I have been busy behind the scenes. The book Like a Human is coming along and I have changed the name of the podcast to come into line with that. Thanks to my patrons over on […]

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The trouble with consensus…

A group of eminent Professors got together for a conference. Their aim was simple, to reach a consensus over some much-needed guidelines in their field of health. Each had their own extensive expertise and ideas to bring to the table. Despite the morning coffee with traybakes and a substantial lunch of paninis, potato chips and […]

What If Health Podcast

Episode 4 – Dr Sophie Newton

Episode 4 – Dr Sophie Newton Sophie Newton is a doctor based in Halifax in Yorkshire. She is a GP trainee as well as being a Mum. Sheing and she also and has an interest in lifestyle medicine and all that this exciting field has to offer for both medics and their patients alike. With […]


Episode 3 – Our health environment with Lou Walker

In episode 3, I talked with Lou Walker. She’s a workplace health and wellbeing consultant who has come to understand the impact of our environment on our health.¬†As part of her Masters degree studying Obesity and Weight management, Lou researched workplace ideas about office cake culture. Her results are fascinating and thought provoking. She has […]

What If Health Podcast

Episode 1 – Sarah Cosway

Episode 1: Sarah Cosway My first guest on The What If Health Podcast is Sarah Cosway, also known on Instagram as @ketofasterUK. She also has a Facebook page at My_Keto_Fasting_Journey. Sarah has been a huge support and I really appreciate it. Sarah is a cognitive behavioural therapist working for an IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological […]