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The preview podcast is out now.

Here it is, the preview podcast. The first guest episode will be out on 14th November 2018. When it’s up on Apple podcasts you can subscribe so you don’t miss it.   The Music featured in the What If Health Podcast is The Ones I’ve Never Known by Derek Clegg from the Free Music Archive.


How you can support the podcast.

I have been asked how to support the work I’m doing, which is amazing and much appreciated. It is now possible to support the podcast by becoming a patron. I now have a patreon page where you can follow progress and help to support the work of both producing the podcast and researching and writing […]

What If Health Podcast

Recording is underway

Recording is underway for the first episodes of the What If Health Podcast. Its been brilliant to talk to my guests and I can’t wait to get the podcasts out there. Thanks for all of the support and suggestions, I really appreciate it. You can find the podcast page on Instagram and on Twitter @whatifhealth […]